Monday, August 4, 2008

Rainy days and Mondays...

There is nothing like waking up to the pitch black shadow overhang of torrential downpours. Oh wait...there is, waking up to pitch black shadow overhang of torrential downpours at 6:00 am on a Monday. Taaaa dahhhhhhh. Honestly, I'm in surprisingly good spirits. Who needs a job, or a Nanny? (clear throat).

So let's see. Christina Applegate has breast cancer. Brangelina pics are coming out from People and Hello this week. Brett Favre is going back with the Green Bay Packers. How does that work? They were going to pay him NOT to go to another team? That should be a new proviso in divorce agreements. "I will accept 2o million NOT to marry anyone else, so long as I live." - that would be a dream.

There is something lazy about August. No one is quite on their game, everything seems slower, and a little boring. I usually bask in boring, but lately it is a bit tedious. I miss the bumping roll of things; the buzz of energy. I see how people start looking forward to fall. The change in seasons, the need to plan, and gather and organize. I am ready to do something. Sex? Love? Rock n Roll with Aerosmith's GH3?

What to do on a pouring rainy day in August?Some ideas that have tumbled through my overly tired and temporarily useless mind today:

1. Feng Shui my whole life...starting with the wealth and romance corners. Oh! And the "stay thin" side wall, and the "effortless bliss" back window. Done and done....tomorrow or some shite.

2. Listen to Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake or Nora Jones in the fetal position, while rocking slowly.

3. Delete all friends from FACEBOOK. Post mass-wall message saying: "You know why."

4. Stuff mouth with lemon heads;blow spouse....No, I'm not that bored, and it's not that rainy.

5. Write and post a list of Restroom Rules at the workplace. Start it with: "Due to recent storm-sewer issues....1. Do not sit on, or near the toilet seat, as spontaneous up-shoots have been reported. 2. Do not touch any metal, or use water on your extremeties...etc."

(sigh) Rainy rainy Monday grey. Don't come back another day...

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dadshouse said...

Rain! Wow, I forgot about summer rainstorms. It's dry here in Cali. And there's energy buzzing in my life. Zing zing! Not the sexy kind, just work. Glad to hear you're upbeat on a dark day. And you're right about Favre - 20M to not go elsewhere. I want that in my pre-nups!