Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lulu Thursday roundup: Last day of July.

Endings stink. Mostly. The morning sun of the last day of July has risen. We are all wide-eyed and in full depth of summer sweaty days. The ice in the fresh lemonade is stacked, slipping into odd shapes of itself and melting. Beaches are still full. Summer camps are winding down and August is upon us.

The Dow has rallied two days in a row, and interestingly enough the experts can't explain why stocks (including the S&P) were surging while crude oil was doing the same. Who knows anymore, I'm convinced the time-depositing MIT students have moved onto bigger, more fun projects like playing the market with daddy's trust funds. You can no longer get the cheese filled deep-fried mushrooms at Bennigans, or for that matter, ANYTHING at Bennigans! They were shut down overnight on Tuesday. Kate Hudson and Lance are supposedly finished with their "summer love" and Lindsay Lohan is still a lesbian, for now. Apparently, Mcain believes that Obama is "not much more than a celebrity" likened to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. Please.

So here we are. At the beginning of an ending. There is still a good month left before it truly sets in. I say be aware now. Center yourself around the beauty of being too warm, and the need to shed a layer. I say look around and asses what it is you still would like to do, who you'd like to see and make it happen. Throw kindness out to the lonely. Shoot some love out to the masses and wind down into the season of sunshine and barbeque's. Everyone operates on a higher level of productivity and conviction when we realize that every moment is fleeting. Make. It. Count. Now.

Happy last day of July. Spread some love. Get wild and stock up on good-love-vibes to carry you through the inevitable change of seasons.

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Marcus said...

Ironically, the Hiltons donated to McCain's campaign.

Oh, and throw another "s" on that "ass." Yo.