Sunday, August 31, 2008

Writer's block and pop commercial songs.

You may have noticed...I am not writing as much. It certainly is not from a lack of material. There has been the DNC sparkling moments, followed by the McCain's nomination of Sara Palin (the hockey mom-moose hunter) from Alaska, Gustav's imminent crush on the west bank of New Orleans, my sweet-sweet dirt bag David Duchovny apparently has a legitimate sex addiction? "Life imitating art" doesn't quite sound so charming in that case.

No, I have tons to say about all things trivial and tragic. I have just been uninspired. I hate endings...Summer is ending. I loathe commitment...I have been getting concerned or disgruntled emails reminding me that it has been five days since I posted. (some people give me suggestions on what to post...ha). I am rebellious by nature, especially to obligations. I have been sick, blah blah,blah...Frankly, I am no good at excuses. I do, however have a good friend who is fantastic at them, and therefore I will share his list of "10 good enough reasons I haven't blogged". I laughed, cried and tinkled a little just re-reading it!!!

So, have faith, dear readers. I will bring you my deepest, inner most freakish thoughts again, truly. I just need to get a grip, have some monkey sex, stop feeling sick, find a slightly compelling take on any number of crazy stories this universe is creating, meditate more, block my crazy exes who have been reading this thing (I'm not a fan of people who have seen me naked, now reading my thoughts and fuzzy feelings) (( but I guess I tossed that boundary of possibility out the window when I first took finger tip to keyboard last fall...and that's what happens when your blog rolls in 4000 visitors a month)) I wont complain, but I am fighting the urge to self censor.

Fashion week, US open, RNC (where Van Halen's "Right Now" gets played...I love that song. Don't you picture yourself doing really important and kind things to such a slow motion? Like hip-checking an elderly woman to get the next ticket at the deli counter), and random superstar breakups are on their way for next week. I can feel it in my bellybutton. For now, send love and safety out to those on the Gulf Coast. Celebrate the next 48 hours as the summer days wind down and bask in the excitement and newness of a fall breeze and fresh new season.

Oh! and on a really cheesy ending to a really drawn out, irrelevant and boring post, I give you my favorite pop-commercial song right now. From nothing less than an (pause for sighs) AMERICAN IDOL: Jordan Sparks. This song just makes you feel good. It makes you bop your head, smile a little and carries hope. Try it. If you hate it....throw a tomato at your computer. Love and hair grease. See you tomorrow! "Hurry up and wait!"

Laugh if you will, but it makes me feel 14 it.


Marcus said...


And how much more commerically bastardized of a song could McCain have picked? "Right Now" will always and forever be imbedded in my mind along with images of Crystal Pepsi. Maybe he could have used "Something To Believe In" by Poison, or "The Promise Of A New Day" by Paula Abdul, for the same cringe & eye-roll effect. How about making an entrance to "Rump Shaker", "Keep Ya Head Up" (2 Pac), "Nuttin' But Love" (Heavy D) or "Mr. Loverman" (Shabba Ranks) - he would have just been handed the presidency right, right now.

Oh...and DO YOU want to be 14 again? Yikes. Not me. People can be too critical at that age.

T said...

Love it. Great song. Just what I needed to hear. Enjoy the monkey sex. :)