Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palin Balin Bo-Balin...Banana Fanna..Fee Fi Fo..Hell No.

Wow. Has it almost been a week? I pinky swore a friend that I would post. I am back. Truly. The world has been rainy and I have been sick, and by God, there is too much to talk about NOT to throw my dribble on the pointless wall of this blog. Can I be obnoxious today? No, here goes.

I think I want to hear Sarah Palin come out to a podium to Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl" or Pink's new song called "So What?". It would be amusing, and I might actually laugh instead of shake in my boots. Seriously, the nomination of Sarah Palin has been a strange and intriguing event. I have had a muzzle on my always spewing mouth. It is complicated (what isn't?). I am offended that women are supposed to like her because she is a "hockey mom" or because she has five children, or a set of boobs and speaks with a "folksy" twang. thanks.

Now, I am the first to enjoy speaking "crazy" with people. Its a language that can be fun, entertaining and button-pushing. But she supports Pat Buchanan....(crickets). That is a dialect of crazy I can't even rationalize. She has been a life long member of the NRA. She doesn't support gay rights/marriage and a woman's right to choose. Allll done for me. Would it be neato to see a woman in office? Sure. Just not that one. Mostly, because I couldn't stand listening to her voice and I don't think her "pitbull/lipstick" comment will penetrate 3/4 of the world-a platform of people she would have to be able to engage.

Why is it that a woman has to come off as sarcastic and smug to be taken seriously? Why can't a woman carry grace and facts and strength without needing to seem catty and facetious? Oy-vey. I am a mother, I love hockey, I support a woman's privacy with her family and teenagers, yet I believe none of those things have any baring on the right to help run the most powerful country in the free world. Surprisingly, I am impressed by McCain on a human level. I am impressed by his wife's ageless face and incredible fashion sense (Gold Oscar Del a Renta?!), but his judgement with Palin is stiffeling.

It actually hurts that a woman is pushing boundaries and attempting to beat the odds of nay-sayers and doubters in my voting lifetime, and I cannot support her. Not on her X chromosome alone. There are issues too great. I spent too much time in women's studies classes to vote anyone (man or woman) into a place of power that ultimately disagrees with some core beliefs I hold. We'll see what happens. I will cringe at her ingenuine concern for women, and I will endure several future speeches where she takes low blows at Obama, because at the end of the day, I am fascinated that we are all tuned in, arguing, thinking things through and wanting our respective "change" to come to fruition.

One of the co-founders of the blog cluster I contribute to gave some insight last week. I will let her research lay before you here: Sarah Palin You Scare Me!

I will sit back, wait for the Biden/Palin debate, which I guarantee will light me up. Again, the double standard of women being taken seriously. Everyone is saying: "oh Biden will have to be very careful...not to be condescending" or "Biden will walk a tightrope". Bullshite. If she wants to run for office, and be taken as seriously as any HUMAN demanding the same respect, and proving the SKILL SET needed, than she should be treated as anyone. Is that not what women for decades have been fighting for? let's see her cleavage in Vogue! (sheesh) I will stop.

Happy Saturday!

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