Saturday, September 6, 2008

10 Reasons to love Fall.

Awwwww. (Deep breath, inhale-cool air). It is here. "September Morns" and Earth Wind and Fire songs. The school buses are spreading their stinky exhaust and little mini leaf swirls spin in the streets signaling a time of new beginnings. I have always reveled in the change of seasons. Fall represented a time of starting new for me. Every school year (as a child) I thought I could be someone different. Maybe this year I would be head cheerleader, or artsy, or just like one of the girls from "Heathers".

10 little Things I love about Fall:

1. Sharpening pencils and the Velcro sound of trapper-keepers. ( Do they still make those?)

2. Sleeping with the windows open and the warm snuggle under the covers in contrast to the fresh cool breeze, then waking up and getting "pumpkin spice" coffee, cupcakes,donuts, the Starbucks.

3. Um...Season Premieres and the beautiful anticipation of your favorite show coming on at night.

4. The first time you truly need to break out a sweater and the soft feel of it on your skin, or better yet...hugging someone you dig when they are wearing a cuddly sweater. (souky souky time comes from warm fuzzies)

5. Eating Chili with shredded cheese and Frito's while watching football!

6. Hot chocolate and S'mores in the backyard with a fire pit.

7. Everything and everyone is back in full-swing mode. I get crazy bored with the slowness and absentee energy of August.

8. Good cheesy soft rock sounds so much better in cool-weather. Elton John's "I guess that's why they call it the blues" or any Classic Rock/Folk music like Carole King's "So far away".

9. The crunch of leaves under your feet in the city brings up a whole host of movie memories like any movie with Meg Ryan in it....(When Harry met Sally, You've Got Mail. )

10. Not feeling guilty about wanting to lay horizontal on the couch with a blanket and warm tea, because its cold as hell out there, and laying here with a candle burning and quiet contentment in being still and grateful is productive enough...for now.


T said...

Ohhhh yeah!! I love fall too!!! What a great wonderful yummy hot toddy of a post! I am READY for the cool weather. I'm in the south so it'll take a while. Thanks for the reminders of what's to come.

dadshouse said...

Fritos and chili - love it! Also the smell of pencils being sharpened.

I love how you think and feel and react to the world.