Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Carole King kind of night....

Can we just erase that the Jonas brothers sang a cover? Stop the madness. Directions: Press "Play"....then read on.(pay no attention to the silly graphic and elusive hand working the needle.)

Tonight is one of those nights...a Carole King or Joni Mitchell kind of night. I often have random songs pop into my head. Perhaps the smell of peanut butter sparks a Don McLean's "Starry night" or the cold windchill in an evening that serves as a good reason to grab an afghan instead of close the window, and how "You're so far away" plays in circular rotation in my head.

I love that about music. The ability to transcend a mood, a memory a feeling, a person. This song, specifically makes me thing of persons from my past at random, with no attention to one over the other. I miss my father and think how far away his presence and voice is from me now in his death. I picture a goofy high school girlfriend dancing on our dorm beds with a sheer scarf wrapped around a fake microphone in slow motion. I reminisces about the sweet lingering sadness of missing someone over time, or oceans, or the minds distance that draws wake like lines in the water of our journey....rippling into moments like the ones I have tonight.

What a beautiful thing. To be thought of at random with no action, but to be thought of...because the air got cool, or the season changed. I find comfort in knowing, somewhere, someday I am a dancing image in the playback mirror of some one's mind. If not proven, its a fair guess of the numbers game.

Warm your heart to the likeness of memories that build and bridge loving kind feelings of a time past, a love lost, or a close friend with whom the intimacy or life has diminished. We are never alone, we are an amazing captured collaboration of all the tiny shades of the people we shared life with.

Grab a blanket, some chamomile tea, tuck your legs to the side, and smile within. You are thought of in the strangest smallest moments.... No matter how far away.

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T said...

I love it. And now... I'm singing Starry Night by Don McLean. I adore Van Gogh and when I hear that song, I remember the very first time I heard it. I was a senior in high school and a girlfriend of mine played it for me. Ever the drama queen, I cried and cried over Vincent. It still brings tears to my eyes. I always had a thing for lost souls...