Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last October Hump Day Roundup

So here we are on the last Wednesday of October. I voted today. It took 10 minutes, that was nice. There was a snow storm in the Northeast. The Dow rallied to close up almost 900 points yesterday, even though a consumer index looked grim. Bounce baby, bounce. I lost obscene amounts of money in September, I refuse to look in October.

On a brighter note, Anderson Cooper is on the cover of "Best Life Magazine" and looks amazing. I really wish there was a way that I could double for Erica Hill and be near him, or get a few hours to pretend he was straight. Those perfect little pink lips! Doesn't that saying ring true for him: "Just because there is snow on top of the mountain doesn't mean there isn't a fire inside." I love grey hair (on pretty men). Speaking of men, I was slightly disappointed with Jon Hamm's level of goofy on SNL. I like Don Draper better. Not that it matters. Patrick Sharp has kicked his overly used eyebrows off my top 3 list. ( more on that later)

All this cold weather and the imminent decent of holiday ads and displays to steal the autumnal air has made me feel the need to check some boxes. Here are a few:

1. Go apple picking.

2. Wear a rain coat. ( In Chicago, the opportunity to do this and remain cold is so slight)

3. Watch a high school football game outside while sipping apple cider.

4. Make butternut squash soup from scratch and chili with dark chocolate in it!

5. Make out with football player in the fallen leaves. Oh wait. No. A hockey player?

6. Light a fire and lie naked on a faux fur rug with a hot toddy and make s'mores or maybe just do a nude headstand while watching the ember and working my prana and trying to focus on lower my Pitta dosha. (wait....maybe that's not for everyone...)

7. Enjoying warm and fuzzy natural yearning to cuddle up and create body heat with someone, as well as the general sense of seasonal romance that is founded on things like the ideals of "When Harry met Sally" instead of hot monkey crazy summer lust.

8. Steal time to go to a movie on a cloudy, rainy, chilly day.

9. Point out all the fake N bake break downs happening because the weather has turned and that perfect brown tawny look on some women ( and men) just ain't plausible. ( pft. I'm not mean, I make up for my judgements with karmic love sent to the universe through universe...what do you do?)

10. Pull out those long-ass knee high warm socks and sip some hot chocolate.
Get out there and make the next 2 days count. Stay warm, be warm and enjoy the passing moments before they are passed.

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Anonymous said...

Anderson and Erica seem to have cooled it off quite a bit, not as flirty.