Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The first day of the first black president. Obama Inauguration schedule.

Forgive the strange paring of Billie Piper below and this. Today is all emotion, business and hope for something new. All other things aside. Today marks a beautiful day in the United States of America. A day, where Conservatives, or Liberals alike, have no choice but to see that a country as a whole was able to look at their own past(s) and look forward and decide that (for some) they had made mistakes, and for others, they were finally ready to change. A huge step in humility and a giant leap towards the new state of mind, where believing in some sense of idealism, living and acting in a way that shows acceptance to things that may be different and a grand agreement that it is time to want more from our country, to expect compassion and grace instead of brut and closed fist pride.

I am not a hugely political person. I am a liberal- If I must be labeled. Most of all, I am just wide-eyed and excited to see how Barack Obama will maneuver the global landscape, our terrible financial climate and the unfortunate anticipation of his trials under pressure. I believe in him. I do. Moreover, I believe in the evolution that this day and that in November represents. That we are CLOSER to all men(and women) being equal. That we are becoming a nation that sees things a little more clearly with truth, and with less knee-jerk judgment.

I don't know where you will be today, but I certainly have been trying to figure out how to plant myself either at home, or at the gym, in front of a TV to see what he says. Below I have listed a rough schedule of today's events in DC. Already, a little behind schedule....(he was supposed to depart for his church service at 8:3am...and that didn't happen.) But then again, we are talking about a president that sat nonchalantly, legs spread, bopping his head next to his family while Stevie Wonder sang. Right or wrong, the man seems real, relatable and perhaps...late sometimes.

Procession to the Capitol – Members of the JCCIC will escort President-Elect Obama, the Vice-President-Elect, outgoing President Bush, and their families to the White House for a meeting, then all will proceed to the Capitol.

Swearing-In Ceremony – Aretha Franklin should perform just before the swearing-in begins. Joe Biden will first be sworn is as Vice President. Barack Obama’s oath will follow around 12 p.m. A schedule posted on the PIC website details the lineup for the swearing-in ceremony, from who will be administering the oaths to the person slated to read a poem after the fact.

Inaugural Address – shortly after the 12 p.m. swearing-in ceremony.

Departure of the Outgoing President – President Obama should escort outgoing President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. Depending on weather, the former President and First Lady will most likely leave the Capital via helicopter.

Inaugural Luncheon – at Statuary Hall at the Capitol.

Inaugural Parade – A parade to the White House down Pennsylvania Avenue is coordinated by the Armed Forces Inaugural Committee.
All of this will be followed by at least 10 Inauguration balls.
No matter how you feel, or what you think of all of this. Today is a day to remember where you were, how you felt, and what this means to you. Tell your kids, grand kids and the future of our nation that anything is possible.

(ps: Michelle Obama is in bright canary yellow today!) Enjoy. Celebrate.

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CML's Aunt said...

I had to DVR the entire day, because I will be out and about busy selling Shape magazine today. Somehow that is so not important on a day like to day... Such an exciting day.