Saturday, January 17, 2009

Come on Billie Piper...Season 2 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl!

I have to admit I stopped watching "Californication" on Showtime, because it got, well...too dirty for me. Seriously. Cocaine and bodily fluids and random sex by accident in the dark at strange parties in the valley just left me wanting to take an acid shower. But! I think SHOWTIME has done it with one of my favorite Cable series: "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" on at 10:30EST Sunday nights.

For one, Billie Piper is adorably smoldering. Her angelic face and in- camera expression leave you empathetic and even fascinated with her layers and duplicity. She somehow walks the balance of sweet girl next door who tripped into a high paying prostitution gig, and the steamy minx we all hope to be inside. (somewhere, with someone).

In Season 2's opener she is said to contemplate a boob job, and I hope to God she decides against it. I love her self-confidence. Her little junky trunk and tiny nose. I'm sure that in another life, with the absence of stigma and STD's, I would ponder the idea of what she does...I'd be damn good at it: Joke, Joke...stroke ego, stroke body, get crazy, detach, smile politely, joke joke, walk away. I actually believe in some episodes she enjoys here job, accepts it. But what well-paid whore wouldn't? Stare at the ceiling and count in your head how many pairs of shoes, or Milly dresses, or vacations you can buy at the end of the 40 minutes. (awe) I bet it would actually be somewhat intellectually stimulating to meet some of the men she meets, but then we get into the marriage/Spitzer/John Edwards debacle, and I just can't think that's much more fun to pretend no one gets hurt.

I'm not this shallow, but in the wee moments of watching such a spicy, dicey dirty show that makes me laugh with the dialogue and throws me a heart-sink with the reality-based emotions of any woman...I get lost in the fantasy of her world. I guess those writers and Billie herself have done something right. At the end of the day I want love, but who doesn't dip there toe in the sheer hedonism of lust, even if vicariously?!

Check your self-righteous thoughts a the door, and open your imagination to the possibility of Belle and her shenanigans. You might find you enjoy it. I do.

Ha cha cha...Belle's back.

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