Friday, January 16, 2009

Things I think should be brought back from the 90's in 2009...

Since I have been (literally) bullied into posting SOMETHING...I will. It will be sub par and mediocre and that is OK. I can't always be "on" and funny...or can I? (no...sorry, I have tried). So, I was pondering the things I love most, and hear they go...

1. Bike pants (showing) under nylon aerobic shorts on men. (head band is a bonus)

2. Sugar Snaps

3. Color-coordinated turtle necks and folded socks.

4. The use of the phrase: "That's the most!" on any and every occasion. Replace "Cool" with it.

5. Side spikes and glamour shots.

6. Skorts in high fashion

7. Now and Later candies ( which you can find a the local "Dollar Tree" if you look hard)

8. people will still TALK to one another, instead of assuming the 5 word text was sufficient catching up.

9. Music on Music channels

10. Women that look their age (and dress it)

11. Real TV, instead of Real(ity)

12. Orange Julius

13. Casual sex accompanied with a little shame.

14. Whitney Houston, pre-crack.

15. Friendship bracelets ( instead of rubber Chinese-made ones)

16. One-shoulder blouses, dresses...oh wait?

And that is all I have for you right now. More tomorrow, perhaps about what it feels like in -35 degree wind chills when you just drank a shake and licked your lips, but forget your gloves at the gym and have to fill up on gas or how the man in my living room just said: "Id be happy to help Taylor Swift lose her innocence."

Happy Friday, Stay warm, and be brave in the new world of recycled fashions, mock-pop culture, and sexy new names for old sexy things that have already been hip....

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Marcus said...

Gosh, a few kind words really DO work. I ask over there, a blog comes out over here.

One more: let's get back to the rap lexicon of the 90's, and end each sentence with the phrase "you understand?", "you feel me?", or "son".

That would be "dope." (Hey! Bring back Bell Biv Devoe!)