Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 starts with sex, mediocrity and good intentions.

Happy New Year to the three people still reading this blog!!! First off, I need to say a few things: I DID NOT sleep with Tiger Woods, I do, however, know what happened on Thanksgiving day at his house, and where and why he was in Arizona. I would tell you, but IMG would have me shot.

I also want to throw my little specs of disdain at Warren Beatty for admitting to having slept with 14,000 plus women. Nasty. Sanford, Leanne Rimes,David Letterman, (who somehow is totally forgivable to me), and in general, I am tired of hearing about all these people and their "transgressions." With so many more important things to talk about, it seems silly fodder.

So...Let's talk about the Bachelor! Holy hell what is happening to TV, dating and the demise of the sanctity of that silly ideal called "love" in general? Every single woman that popped a heel out of the limo had a gimmick. Either she tried to walk like a feline and tripped onto him, brought a basket of "sweets" as parting gifts, a love-o-meter, a pair aviator glasses...etc. I was walking in circles in my living room at the sheer awkwardness of it all.

I am willing a new year of more meaning and less marginal integrity. I am hoping that we stop keeping track of people's personal mistakes and focus on one's that actually effect the rest of the world. Until then, I plan to review every movie I see, I tend to write more, listen all the time, meditate on good things for people I love, try harder to communicate with my voice and touch, instead of text and messenger before I lose the art of reading faces, perfect-timed pauses, and correct use of the English language. And most importantly, I will deliver my skewed, cynical view on the smut and jokes we call current events.

Stay tuned it, I'm warming up and will be in full form soon enough.

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alisal4 said...

it is a new year's miracle! you're back and in full force. thank you, thank you, thank you!

i am making a late resolution to not watch ABC's trash TV, as i have already hit an all time low with the Jersey Shore.