Sunday, July 24, 2011

Get happy, make a list, write it down...

I have been reading a fantastic book, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin . First off, I highly recommend it. It's one of those book that chooses you, when your ready. No matter who picks it up, it will shift and re-frame your beliefs and definitions about what we need, want, will never be and can accept in order to find the elusive get of "happiness".

It got me focused and a little high on the promise and pursuit of smiles and emotional freedom. I have always been a little corny and interested in esoteric thinking ( I meditate, do yoga) but to try and break down what makes ME happy was a whole other ball of proverbial glee-wax. I implore you to sit, even if only for ten minutes or so and contemplate what it is that makes you happy, feel good and enjoy your life. That is step one...a good place to start. I will try here. After this, I might try and put some into action. Who knows

Things that make me happy:

- A good sunshine filled day ( I can't control
- The sound of my children's laughter, especially if I produced it.
- Unexpected empathy.
- Unplanned evenings that end in revelry, laughter and good friendship-bonding.
- A yoga session that leaves me tingly and energetic.
- Playful attention from a beautiful or funny man. ( including, but not limited to my husband)
- Multiple orgasms
- Chocolate English toffee
- The smell of my 2yr old's "blankie"
- Being productive and efficient
- A nice fitting dress
- Feeling and giving love

I plan on digging deeper and truly finding broad based mantra's or "commandments" as Gretchen Rubin does. I have a sneaky feeling it will lead to much more fulfilling outcomes. For now, I stick with what I can list.

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