Sunday, July 24, 2011

What do Joe Manganiello, Alec Baldwin and Ryan Gosling have in common?

Okay, so the need to be trite and dirty has overwhelmed me and I shall share. The latest in my Top 3 Bed em', Get em' are as follows. Marriage is grand, love is beautiful, but days are long and what fun would it be to pretend that lust for outside hotties dies with fulfilling matrimony.

Here they are. Hold onto your panties, and DRINK THEM IN.

Coming in at # 1- JOE *howl* MANGANIELLO
This smoking hot 6 foot 5 inch beef cake is stunning. He plays a wolf in Seas
on 3 and 4 of TRUE BLOOD on HBO. More importantly, he is a good solid age (34) where I might actually want to talk to him, whilst I'm licking his abs. Those deep set-dark eyes, and that Italian tickle-me-hoo-ha nose is too yummy. Keep an eye out. You know I will.

Second to none: (but maybe one...see above,
for now) ALEC BALDWIN:Anyone who has stuck with me, know that I have been in love with Alec Baldwin through the tumult that h
asbeen his career and celebrity. I didn't
hate him wit
h the contrived, and baited phone messages thing. I never thought he was getting old. I swooned at his re-start and return, and I still get tickled pink at his humor and hard-core left views. He is funny, and serious, and sexy. I literally day-dream about our intellectual sparring matches followed by some nude yoga and post-coital banter. I see him smacking my butt as I walk past the flapping sheer white curtains onto the deck in East Hampton...wait am I getting carried away? He is also dating a 28 yr old yogini (like me, e
except add 5 years and 2 kids) but stick with the delusion. He likes brown girls...there is hope yet....

People, this man played his ass off in "Blue Valentine" and has true acting chops, but he also has some serious meat on his bones. Emma Stone said it best in his latest, soon-to-be out movie: "Crazy, Stupid, Love"- "You look photo shopped!". I have loved him since he jibber-jabbered
about being a bird with Rachel McAdams in "The Notebook". I could write a notebook full of the things I would want to do with him. I don't want him to love me like I do with Alec Baldwin. I just want him to...well, you'll have to wait for my notebook.

Here's to men and sexuality and dreaming that both meet the needs and wants of our expectations!

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