Sunday, July 24, 2011

The world may be ugly, but today Civil Rights prevail!

I've been contimplating the return to the blogosphere. Today seemed as good as any. Most days lately sound like an apocalyptic byline to a movie....

This Sunday the world is mourning at least 92 innocent Norwegian kids and adults shot down at a camp by a White-supremacists. Amy Winehouse's body finally gave up on trying to stay viable with the heroin and alcohol she festered in for the past 5 years. I will say I believe her talent and purity in music is a total loss, her soul I fear, will be better off at peace.

The bi-partisan government is fighting over paying OUR national bills. Truly, if the US gets a less than triple Moody's rating we are in uncharted territory, yet pissing match ensues. Super. Whole new meaning to pissing it all away. NFL and NBA are on lock-out because during our recession, the millionaire athletes and owners are fighting over the pie. Japan is dealing with radioactive beef due to a Chernobyl-esque situation that no one will admit to yet. England is facing Rupert Murdoch's fall from self-righteous grace because his company has been raiding and tapping personal info, phone lines and email accounts of celebrities, 911-victims and more absurd story subjects.

On the bright side, NYC is celebrating the first day where Gay Marriage is 100% legal. Civil rights are being recognized and reveled in and that, my friends is something to be proud of. Take a hard look at hetero-marriage, make a case that its been well-protected, preserved and cast an idyllic example...Right. It's reputation can go now where but up. 'Nuff said.

If ever there were a time for me to get back into meditation, and spurting out nonsense that only 3 people read, it is now. I am back to cheer you on, keep you informed, and hopefully, possibly inspire you pay more attention, live with more love and give all you have to be better, and brighter.

No sooner than a week from now, I will be back in full throttle commenting on the latest sexting scandal, recommended music, being quasi-political, quoting good movies and probably rambling on about sex. That's what you get. You just read this're in it now.

Until then...

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