Thursday, November 29, 2007

Redeem your you-rebate today!

Today is the kind of day that sneaks up on you. The sleeper bad day. You think its going to be nice, Its sunny out. That, I noticed when I peaked my eyes open this morning. Its cold, ok... Its Chicago, I can deal. You stay positive. You roll through the list of things that are a "must-do". you know...go to work, get that report in, drop the car off...whatever it is.

There are usually about 3 actions that must take place in order for the day to have its "desired purpose and completion". That I can handle as well. After all, we aren't here to just bounce around and frolic with glee and anticipation of the next fun thing....that would be silly. (I think)

My list today was:
-go to the doctor
-get quote in for the new project
-sign my daughter up for swim class

Fine. boring. Why don't we set better intentions? Like:

-Feel sexy all day
-Give 5 compliments to random folk
-Be grateful that I can walk, talk and breathe

Nope. Too hard. Crazy right? Wrong. I was doing some research on this ( not really) and found that most people can't deal with a scope that big. We need to drill it down to small, manageable actions, and then maybe, if we feel like we "earned" it, we then will create a sideways reward. ( go to the gym, eat some chocolate, get a babysitter)

We accept it with everything else. Coupons for loyalty, rebates for food, rewards for eating:"Buy three sandwiches, get the fourth one free". We accept vacation days off, if we worked hard. Though, the standard of "working hard" doesn't really factor in anything except hours for most of us. That must be why we seek the same pattern in our own behavior. I feel like revolting today. I feel like demanding something good from a day without having to first accomplish said intentions. What if my intention is to ENJOY THE DAY. Ha. That's lunacy.

I'm making my own life coupon:
[ Rebate for free: I'm worth it ! ]

offer expires when you decide to feel guilty again.



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