Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Years Eve song tribute to friends.

Auld Lang Syne : by Robert Burns

Should old acquaintances be forgotten,And never brought to mind?
Should old acquaintances be forgotten,And days of long ago!

For old long ago, my dearFor old long ago,We will take a cup of kindness yetFor old long ago.

We two have run about the hillsides And pulled the daisies fine,
But we have wandered many a weary footFor old long ago.
We two have paddled (waded) in the streamFrom noon until dinner time,
But seas between us broad have roaredSince old long ago.


So....I don't know what friends were like in the 1700's, when this song was written. Sounds like they picked daisies, and paddled boats and took long walks. My old friends and I have worn daisy-dukes, missed a lot of proverbial boats, and had sore feet from high heels. I like the idea of taking the end of a year to commemorate the people in your present AND the people in your past. We are, after all, a product and creation of the moments that we share with those we have loved, and befriended and trusted and learned with. That is something. If nothing else, worth toasting to.

I like to think of good friends as extensions of ourselves, with varying degrees of similarity, shared interest and healthy disagreement. People, who over the years, have witnessed this thing we do called "living". It isn't always pretty. It's not always fun to watch, but it is real. It is a road trip that always requires some co-passengers.

So get your list ready. Spend some time appreciating those friends that you have or have had:
-who quietly supported you without judgement
-who defended you and your best interest, even when they had to fight YOU.
-who challenged you to be better.
-who knew when to say nothing.
-who listened and remembered.
-who told you the truth, when saying nothing would have been easier.
-who reciprocated or even gave more.
-who pulled through when no one else did.

Think about them. Cherish them. Let the champagne bubbles serve as warm-fuzzy senders of gratitude. Feel the warmth come back in knowing...

Somewhere, someone is thinking of you too.

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