Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The O face.

I was watching John Mayer playing guitar at the "Crossroads" festival on WTTW. His faces were unsettling. I realize all great artists make funny faces while playing instruments ( and its accepted, as it should be.) But it makes me think: "What does it look like when he is...you know..."

There is no real winning at the "O face" game. I have realized in my extensive research that it is never really a good moment (aesthetically speaking) for anyone....

I have seen men make faces that simulate an infant beginning to cry.
There have been side-angle look aways as if to say: "Enough, its too much." Sometimes men have looked at me with utter surprise like they are equally scared and happy to be approaching this moment. Others, give you an "I'm sorry" look. Most, just end up mimicking some strange facial contortion that they once witnessed in a Cineamax movie.

The best was a guy who screamed my name long-and-drawn-out. It sounded like an epic seperation scene where the man is being hawled away by authorities, or a boy losing his dog. I remember staring at him blankly. I was making an effort not to blink or look away, so he wasnt as embarrassed as he should have been for such an obnoxious foul of sex-noises. He was eliminated from the roster from that moment on.

In any event, I find it impossible to say anything about it. What is the alternative, a positive, serious, eye-to-eye stare of intent and completion? No, that seems worse. I can't even imagine what mine looks like, Ive never seen it. Who has? Wait,now that's a funny idea. Forgive my judgement, but if you have seen your own o-face in a mirror, you had better be in the "industry" or saving a small country by your contribution of humility.

I think, while I'm trying to figure out how to manage something I can't control, and certainly can't change, I will continue to just, well. Look away.

Happy O-faces people. Don't be over- conscious now....

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