Thursday, December 6, 2007

What color are you today?

A friend of mine and I often ask this question:"What color are you today?" It can be interpreted as something like an aura-assessment, or mood. Today mine is: "Bright electric blue" There is no real science to it, nor should there be. I base my decisions on what i think my general emotional color would be. There is, however a direct correlation with the weather and my color. Very few a day have been sunny where my color dipped darker than a muted purple. Conversely, In the dead of winter, when the ground is that salted snow concrete color and trees are brittle I tend to fade in and out of the entire grey variety.

The fun of this practice is in self-awareness, and then the creation of colors. I remember a day I was ovulating and wearing hooker-high boots and a mini skirt in summer. I was unequivocally white hot, pulsating to burning red with every changing hormonal flush. There are days I can be a solid hunter green. No waiver. My emotional state is content, healthy and altruistic.

It's truly amazing how many variations their are. How metallic can be telling as a mood color. Or how the right shade of gray can save you, instead of sink you. Blue doesn't always mean sad. Gold doesn't always mean good. Black can be solid or empty. I love the creative liberty of it all. The practice alone begets a sound knowledge of oneself.

So today, where ever you may be, how you may feel. Think about what color may best represent your emotional state. Ask yourself: "What color am I?" and accept it. Try and understand it, and then know, as quickly as it comes, or with a very slight addition of yellow or magenta, maybe the dilute of can all change. ...and change it will. Just writing this...I'm am turning less electric; and into a soft baby blue. ( I love that George Strait song)

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