Sunday, December 16, 2007

You Rock! - a generalized personal pep-talk.

Do you remember yourself as a child? The innocence and purity with which you viewed yourself? I'm talking about the days you danced like a spastic punk-mosher, and you thought you were the best. I'm talking about when you rode a bike at high-speeds and thought you could beat any bastard on the block. I'm talking about the innate belief that you had a major added value to everyone. It wasn't debatable. You were 4, and you rocked!

What has changed? Somewhere along the way we let the tides of the years diminish that feeling. Like an ocean rolling over a great sense of who you are, it erases that confidence with every shocking knowledge of other incredible people. Like the girl in 3rd grade who fearlessly spoke in front of crowds (I think she was an only child). Or that kid who was born to play every sport and win MVP every year. So what! Time passes. We grow up and it gets harder to be in touch with that unwavering self-acceptance, but when did we stop trying?

Seriously? Sure, you didn't personally save a child's life. Okay, you didn't find a skin graph stem-cell solution to save degenerative disease from killing millions. I'm not judging you. We do what we can, and at the very least we have intentions to be better. That counts. It really does. It is the beginning of doing something great. So accept it, and start breeding more positive recognition now.

You have had so many small and big pitfalls. Life looked you in the eye this year and said: "Let's see what you are made of _(your name here)_? " You didn't run away crying! Okay, well fine, but you came back. Come on, This life is nuts sometimes:

o Your mother( or mother-in-law)?
o The incessant pressure to be outstanding in this do-it-all society while smiling and seeming comfortable in your own skin?
o Your job where few people understand your true capabilities no matter how many times you save your boss's ass in a possible snafu?
o Being accosted by massive media to eat right, look like a size zero, and be manically happy, but calm and healthy all while being wildy successful and knowing the latest wine, youtube video or "hot spot" downtown?

More importantly, you have survived. Another year of being lonely and then finding a way to enjoy the little things YOU like. You have managed another non-stop balance of multiple responsibilities, social functions and needy friends. Maybe you weathered a major life change that you thought would break you. Um...sorry to prove your past forethought wrong...but you are a better person TODAY. And, I gotta say...I'm not sure you would be; had you not gone through all that. Do you?

Be positive. Picture a soft glowing spherical presence of hope inside you. Centered. With every positive breath you take in....with every kind attribute you appreciate yourself for, it expands and lights a little more. It's glow becomes a little brighter, until you are beaming sunshine from the inside out. Try it. The hard stuff is easy to believe. I know this. Shite, I could write a book on all the terrible things about myself. Secrets, horrible mistakes, past judgements, present shortcomings...etc. But what do they do to serve me? Nada. So, since you like a nice challenge...take this: Try thinking only good things today.

Think of how it's OK that you have a little muffin top hanging over your jeans, its the holidays. You are being GOOD to you. Think how a lot of people would crumble simply dealing with the overwhelming stress you highly-function with on a daily basis. Think how beautiful you are regardless of anything having to do with a mirror.

Think back to the days of your pure sense of self. The acceptance that came with it...that was you. It still is, just more seasoned, better equipped to ruminate the idea that you are innately worthy of all things good, and ( at the risk of debunking Stuart Small's affirmations) God damnit....YOU like YOU. The rest can figure itself out. And it will.

Be you. Love you, and a fucking four year old!

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