Friday, February 29, 2008

Heidi Klum on Ellen with balls...

I just happened to catch this, and the entire show was hilarious. When Heidi first came out, she was in a VERY mini-dress, and realized (as she was getting to the chair) that she couldn't sit down. She kept saying: "What was I thinking coming to this show in a belted mini dress?" and Ellen was clearly uncomfortable, so she offered her an Ellen-t-shirt.

Ellen continued to blush and look down at Heidi's lap. It was the kind of moment where you catch yourself staring at the tv with raised eyebrows, tilted head, and goofy smile. Heidi is a pro-flirt, as she distracted the two of them with a comment about the huge ELLEN face sitting on her lap: "You have the bluest eyes.". Ellen blushes again.

Good TV. I obviously love to watch strange unexpected attractions and discomfort, but not in a "reality-TV" way, but rather a "we-just candidly-caught-you-picturing-Heidi-naked, Ellen"- way. I won't speculate too much, as it will bore you, and make you think I am over-sexed and over-analytical...but I think seeing that is just a sweet little life nugget of real behavior. We are, after all...human.

Take a look at the second half of their encounter (it's even funnier if you just listen to it):

"So we make small and big balls?" - HK
"Which do you like?" - ED
"Both" - HK
"I don't know a lot about balls, Heidi" - ED
"You have never tried balls? Is this your first ball experience?" - HK

I don't normally crush on the ladies, but some how watching Ellen getting all funny inside about Heidi Klum, made her LOOK sexy. What? I don't know. Everyone has an Ellen crush right? Whatever. Whose an anthropologist-psychologist-sexual behavior-person? They know. It's normal.


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