Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy is like a water, you are like a grow capsule. (How to be happy, an obscure analogy)

Right. So I don't have the secret understanding of the human spirit. I don't consider myself one of those people who walk around manically smiling. I would say I fall more in the bubble of people who enjoy life, laugh a lot, but don't necessarily feel like enthusiastically raising her hand and saying: "oo! oo! oo!" when someone poses the question: "Are you happy?"

I like to break things down, pull them apart piece by piece.To check in between the shadows of thought and proof. The same goes for general happiness, and this onslaught of societal pressure to achieve it. Be thin, be fulfilled, enjoy what you do, love working out, rip your partners clothes off with passion all the time, have sparkling white teeth to show how much glee and beauty you have,be confident all the time, give graciously...and my new favorite: have radical humility....etc.

Honestly, if I were to look at each day moment to moment, I can almost guarantee there are many more content ones, a few highs, and even less lows. I actually think we remember the hard stuff with more ease; and that is ironic...but surprisingly, easy to remedy. Does it come down to merely spending ten minutes to recap all the "good" experiences of one's day? That could be pretty empowering.

Today begins a new month. And although I often joke how every day is always a count down to something: hours until work is done, minutes of waiting for a date to call, days until vacation....It must be said, there are only thirty one days until April. This month has St.Patrick's day and Easter bunnies, and Spring month flowers literally will start pushing up through the ground. Limbs on trees will start to bud, the sun will spend more time in our skies, and the evenings will linger on.

So, in the spirit of new beginnings, large and small. I am casting a wave of intention to try and think less about the general goal of happiness, and more on the minute to minute, day to day encounters. How to find joy in those. To seek a few minutes each day to reflect on what went RIGHT that day. How to extract peace from the quiet. How to see love in the actions and feelings behind what people do. In fact, I am loving YOU right now. You are spending a few minutes of YOUR precious ( could be orgasmically happy somewhere else) time on my words.

Now, go be slightly happy. Imagine your happy-thoughts as water and your spirit as one of those little rubber, synthetic latex toys from childhood that came in a capsule and grew into giant nondescript shapes 600% larger than their original size. Do that....Soak in the good stuff and grow.

I have a feeling about this month. I have a feeling about this entire spring. I am a mush and a cynic....oh the dichotomy of me.

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