Sunday, March 2, 2008

Ellen Page and Andy Samberg quotes from SNL

Last night was a funny night in my house. I watched George Carlin's stand up show. Man,there is a serious likeness between his speech patterns and those of Andy Rooney. Very interesting. I laughed. He talked about the positives to getting older. Can you believe he is 70!? He dropped F-bombs all around the over-decorated stage. Take a look Here . Next up, was Ellen Page on SNL.

The opening monologue was taking a piss at the highly stylized writing of Diablo Cody. Andy Samberg dressed up like her on Oscar night. ( Think Wilma Flintstone) Most of the quotes are below:

AS: “Play it again Samantha, I blog to differ.”
AS: “Need you forget? My bologna has a first name; its “O.S.C.A.R”
AS: “What’s your dental damage, Kermit the blog?!”

EP:“Okay, you're using the word “blog” entirely too much.

AS:“It's Coolio Iglesias, I’m going to drink my way to Sunny D-tini's
AS:“Snoop Bloggy Blog featuring Nate Blog” ( loved this one!)

EP:“Way to leave on a high note...”
AS:"I was a strip-per!" ( she/he yells as he walks off the stage)

It was so clever. Hats off to the SNL writers. Well played. It was playful but not mean.

Am I getting old if I think saying: "Whatev" is reaching a whole new level of lazy on the already apathetic word?

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