Sunday, March 2, 2008

The meat market: 50 and naked with socks on.

I am not in the business of craigslist dating...I do, however, think this website is worth sharing. A site called: Can't believe he is still single .

I was laughing so hard at the website in general, but particularly at this guy. Does this really work? Are women looking for a naked man in white socks? A miami-lover in a speedo sitting on a huge bronze turtle? I really am speechless. I would say something funny, but I can't really get past this visuatlization of this guy's o-face. Who took these pictures? How do you ask someone to do that? "Hey thanks for lunch, would you mind coming back to my place, Im gonna shed my skivvies and sit on a turtle, do you have your digi camera? Bong hits on me." WHAT?

View at your own risk. It makes for a strange "cold-prickley" feeling.You have been warned.
Naked dude

Happy Sunday! Get out there and be "well hung, and spoken"...

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CML's Aunt said...

Whoa! I am surprised this guy hasn't contacted me on yet. Can it get any worse? He owns a Hawaiian shirt, has a bird, and drives a VW beatle? Holy crap.