Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Occupational apathy leads to loose lips.

In an effort to make light of our reorganized company, and imminent unemployment (at least temporarily) a friend and I are up to no good. Again.

Things we said to a co-worker today when asked: "What are your thoughts?" (Really, we just asked each other in public meetings, or places and came up with new answers)

1. " I think the applesauce tastes a bit metallic, and I don't understand why I never see female train conductors."

2. "Well, Stanley, I was hoping you wouldn't ask me that. That is precisely why I was making this quizzical face, doodling, and then staring at Jeff over there on my left so you would ask him. He actually started his turn-over notes."

3. "I think it must be said....I prefer the old lite 93.9 with Phil Collins, Wilson Phillips, and Annie Lenox instead of Fresh 105.9. It just reminds me of my mother's old smelly Toyota with the broken ceiling fabric that would shred strange foam onto me as we drove around. Um....that makes me feel warm and fuzzy."

4. "Who cares let's go see a movie!"

5. "That intern thought Castro was oil....God save the world."

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Rick Hall said...

I just came across your blog and had to laugh at your mention of "FRESH 105.9." We all need a little Phil Collins every now and then, don't we? :)

- Rick @ FRESH 105.9