Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tally this!

I am so sick of the Tally game. And by "game", I mean the ridiculous imaginary board of who did what, who has it harder, who is stronger, smarter, thinner, better, more grateful, and other such non-sense. Life is too short.

Women suck. Seriously. I say this partly in jest, and with total awareness that I will exercise my right to revoke such a statement when I am feeling mushier and admiring of my species. I am not quite sure what the gain in competing with each other is. Show me a woman who is better for having compared herself to another and I will show you a fake.

Let me just collectively say to all women who want to upstage a story, explain how they have it harder, how they work more, and balance everything, and have no help and are less advantaged, and are less appreciated.....you win. YOU WIN.

No one is handing out medals or badges of war for this life. Quite frankly, there are women who walk ten miles a day with three kids to get infested water to boil eight-month old rice. There are women battling cancer and degenerative diseases while still getting up in the morning grateful for the time, there are women missing appendages that can beat me at any physical race. It’s just the way it is. All is relative, all is up for grabs. Everything is what you make it. What WE make it.

If we don't support each other, stick together, love each other and be kind, what is left? The rat race doesn’t end, and if we all are spending so much time punishing each other for having it better, or not having it as bad, or having it too easy, or not trying hard enough at whatever our relative gauge says is "enough"....then too much energy is serving the wrong reasons.

I visited a friend in the hospital yesterday. All the women in the room were busy comparing how horrific their birthing experiences were. (Including me). Then, the nurse wants my friend to rate the pain level 1 to 10. All I could think was maybe her "5" is my "10" or vice versa. The point is...who gives a shit! Just help when you can, and support the people you love. I tally the friends I have; the gifts life gives me and the beauty in understanding relativity.

Life is hard as it is....be soft. At the very least...fecking try.

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