Monday, February 18, 2008

Things NOT to say in an interview: Radar Magazine

I love these guys! Todd Levin, Jason Roeder, Mike Sacks, and Ted Travelstead came up with 100 things NOT to say in a job interview. (March, 2008 Radar Magazine). A few of my favorites:

1. "Sorry I'm late. I could have sworn you said 'San Francisco'"
2. "Where I come from that kind of question will get you shot."
7. "Is Jesus considered a personal reference?"
19. "Think of me as the Hamburger Helper to your skillet of ground workload."
21. "Funny, everyone who reads my resume always hones right in on the manslaughter."
23. "Let's just cut to the chase: who and where is the office slut?"
35. "Lets try that again, and this time shake my hands like you’ve got a pair.'
38. "Allow me to answer that with a tambourine solo."
41. "I just need to make enough money not to hate myself for selling out."
48. "Sure, I value a diverse workplace. Your kind deserves a leg up."
53. "I'll take off this cap when the Cubbies win the series and not a day sooner" (YES)
66. "Why is your typewriter connected to your TV set?"
71. "If I could be a historical figure.....Skeletor."
81. "I can’t wait to blog about this job."
86. "I see, but its fine if a black person like you says it?"
91. "Each of my personalities will require its own compensation package."

I really think these guys are my new top 4.....I will investigate if I can love on them. They could giggle me' britches off.

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Thanks for posting! Glad it made you laugh.


Ted T.

p.s. Heavy Metal Dancer