Thursday, February 14, 2008

Some ideas...for V-day cards:

This is a fun topic. I really did revel in the days when you got to show up at school with your lollipops, or sweethearts. It started young. I would count mine to see how many people liked me. I would write special notes to the boys I liked. "I like you." was a popular one. Girlfriends would get: "You are my favorite friend." I meant it. Mom and dad got the best ones, and then later in class we would make some kind of cut-out, felt and glue thingymajig and the world was set right by love.

What would happen if we kept the honesty of our young selves and wrote those same type of notes now? Here are some ideas:

"Happy Valentines day, enjoy it. Its our last."

"You are cute, and nice, and I was single at Christmas, so it made sense to get serious, but as it turns out you are just as mediocre as I suspected, and spring will be here soon, so let's be friends k?"

"The sex was good at the beginning when you were new, and exciting, but now it's really just no foreplay and choreish, and I think we both deserve better, especially me. Take care. "

"I like you, we have only been dating a few months, so instead of jewelry, or a trip, or nice dinner, I am sending you these carnations to your work, so it looks like I care enough, and hedges my bets that you might not be the one."

"I love you so much every day, that the obnoxious lemming-like plunge into forced intimacy will be protested by me, in observance of my immesense repsect for you as a woman. I will stay home and watch the game. But randomly, later...I will romance you."

"Let's get dinner, and I'll get you drunk so we both wont be alone tonight."

By the way....does anyone know the history of Saint Valentine.....yeah...exactly.

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Marcus said...

How about, "At this point in our relationship, I'm not sure I'm able to give you anything more than my name at the bottom of this card. And please ignore the time-stamp from an hour ago, at the bottom of the receipt you will happen to find later, crumpled up on the floor of my car."