Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 Things you don't want to hear after saying "I love you."

So, I have been known to throw love around. Depending on my mood, the weather, the last song I heard on my ipod...you know. I'm stable. Just like you. I was thinking, there are some things you don't want to hear/read when you say "I love you." to someone. Here are a few. I could come up with 100's...

1.) "Thanks."

2.) "I kind of envisioned that NOT being said."

3.) "Funny you mention that, I love my wife."

4.) "You don't love me, you just love my lack of subjectivity"

5.) "..............(crickets)..............."

6.) "Prove it bitch, get on your hands and knees."

7.) "I don't get it, are you asking a question? I hate being backed into things."

8.) "Really? Already?"

9.) "That's nice, now put the rabbit head back on."

10.) "Awe me too....like a sister!"


Nelson said...

Those are good, Lulu.

"I respect your feelings, but let's take this slow. I don't want to rush a good thing. Now then...cage, or ball?"

Who says love has to live long and be so sterile? I like to pick hearts up off the floor and violate a five second rule every now and then.

Lulu said...

Ball in what context? How about naked cage ball for love?