Monday, March 24, 2008

Erica Hill and Anderson not so flirty, but a little dirty.

So...You all know that I am a HUGE fan of Erica Hill and Anderson Cooper on Anderson Cooper 360. Tonight, sadly, was a little disappointing. A couple things....

1. Whoever produced tonight's show coined a portion of the show: "Digging Deeper". Eh?

2. Not fun dirty: Who approved the graphic for the Obama segment? This is silly, just silly. Not even funny silly. AC!? Don't pander to the over-sensationalized media obsession with Obama, his pastors and a hidden agenda to keep things "interesting". This isn't. The Pastor on the screen shot is NOT Obama's. Obama has never been to this guys church sermon, and although it may be an affective sound byte from Easter service, it just isn't relevant. This guy is NOT Reverend Wright. Leave the dead beaten horse. Move on. It's just lame. Can we talk about what matters? Really.

3. Fun dirty: Dick is inside a Bunny. This is the little cute moment where Anderson makes fun of Erica doing a "bob" or a "wiggle" or a "bounce" during the cheesy music. Readers/Bloggers write a caption about the picture of the day. This was funny. Bush and a bunny. Well played.

4. How could we not take a moment to really look at these two? I love them. They even smile sarcastically in the exact same way. It would be great genetic melding. Seriously, its becoming a bit of a vicarious need. They are onto me though. The flirting is waning. I will it for tomorrow night. I will some saucy innuendo and borderline boundary-jumping intimacy. I need to experience it....even if by proxy.

Just look at her eyes, take if from me, raised-eyebrows basically say: "Let's do this"....she is saying: "Anderson, I want you to dig deeper, put me in a bunny suit and hop on my little cotton tail."
Ha cha cha.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one obsessed with Erica and Anderson!! I love those two...I love their flirtacious banter every night! They are so perfect for each other...I hope they end up together eventually! I don't think Anderson is gay...I that people keep saying he's gay. Just because he is 40 and still single doesn't make him gay. He's always so busy, he's hardly ever at home. That's why he is single. He has devoted his whole life to his career.
I have been a fan of his and have been watching him for a while. I've noticed that he never opens up to anyone. I've noticed that he only does that with Erica. That's why I love them so much. The chemistry is so beautiful and pure. I have seen that in very few people. I love how Erica makes him smile. They seemed really flirty Friday night. He had a huge smile on his face, especially when he was saying good night to her at the end. One thing I love about them when they talk via satellite, especially when Erica was in Atlanta is that they look down at the screen briefly each time and check each other out! Its so cute. Anderson used to do that all the time. He would always look at her so sweetly and then look back up at the camera. Ahh....I love these two!! I could ramble on and on about these I know I have no life!

I'm soo obsessed that I even went on their live blogs they do each night and commented on Anderson and Erica a few times. I did it so many times, but my comment doesn't make it on the blog. LoL Since they read all those comments, I would love for them to respond to it, but I doubt they would. Some people teased Anderson about him and Erica on his blog in the past and he ignored the comments.

LoL ok now i'll stop rambling!