Monday, March 24, 2008

Feel Mad? Bad or Blue? Play Rockband.

I have found a new outlet for my angst against the world and my small population of sadists (in my head and out). I discovered the beauty of slamming wood on plastic and getting shin splints from a kick-drum. Seriously. Even though up to four people can play guitar, base, sing and bang drums, my "solo" career as "lulu hotass" is working well for me.

I can kill "Maps" by the yeah yeah yeahs and pull a 98% on The Rolling Stones. I have a new (and sort of unfounded) respect for drummers every where. I feel like my brain is being split three ways. It is like tapping your nose while circling your head and holding the "tree" pose in yoga.

What made it really interesting: I refused to play "Easy". Pft. Nothing easy is worth achieving....right? and I refused to do a tutorial. Wasted time? Sure it was, but psychological babble would call that evasion, created chaos and transference. Oh yeah......Who wants to be sedated when you can bang it out! (wow, I sound crazy.)

Seem weird? It is. I admit it. Something about the musicality of it, veils the childishness of playing a video game when my daughter goes to sleep. The fact that the pallet of skin color choices varies enough to cover my shade of "brown" masks the idiocrity of creating a character with such attention to detail. Besides, I can play Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover" in my sleep. I needed something new. You can bet your drumstick I will have dropped the hobby come warm weather, but for now, it helps.

Judge away. Hell, I'll even admit I hit my wooden sticks in the air for the rock-chick click and yell random rockisms at my flat screen. I have no shame. It works. I FEEL BETTER after playing, and ladies and gents, that helps the whole little world I deal with spin a little less madly. Try'll see.

"Waiiiit. They don't love you like I love you. Waiiiiiit. They don't love you like I love you..." red, blue, blue, green, green, (kick drum)green(kick drum), red-blue,blue, blue(kick drum).

Oh, stop guffawing and go kick one out!

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