Monday, March 24, 2008

Spelling is for sissies.

In today's day and age of instant gratification response in all facets of communication, it can be pretty easy to mispell words. In fact, there are times, I am typed a message either on text or IM that is incomprehensable. I decided to have some fun with it.

Words that have recently been invented from other ( mispelled) words:

1. Disporve (n.): a warm indistinct egg dish your great grandmother serves. Origins: "Disapprove"
ie: "Here you go Gordon, here is the disporve du jour a la jus, just like you like it. You don't need salt."

2.Hganing tou (n.): the reminants of a an adult circumcism. Origins: "Hanging out"
ie: "hganing tou makes for a good soup stock in some countries."

3. Vloe (v.): The act of attempting fallatio and failing miserably to the point of just looking up and saying: "sorry" with your eyes. Origins: "love"
ie: "I totally got vloed last night by my sister's friend. I think she is figuring out her braces."

4.Flediggin: (adj): the attribute of being Irish and well spoken in ebonics simultaniously. Origins: "Fledgling"
ie: "Those flediggin dudes are meeting us at Bennigan's again, yo."

5.Toughth (v.): the act of agreeing to not ever mention an embarrassing encounter witnessed by yourself and someone else. Origins: "Thought"
ie: "We pinky swore and toughth after we broke his bed doing unspeakable things with EZ Cheez."

Be very afraid. What you mean might not be what you send. Type with caution.

I'm sorry. All examples are completely fictional. I will be much better after American Idol.

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