Saturday, March 29, 2008

Get creative for Earth Hour - 3.29.08 - 8:00pm

I was thinking there are all kinds of funny things I could throw out there..hippie references, obnoxious misuses of generators, or battery operated tools, but instead I give you these mildy amusing, yet charmingly childish ideas:

1.) Play "light as a feather, stiff as a board" then Quija board until someone cries!!!

2.) Crank call everyone you haven't talked to ( but still have phone #'s for) in the last 5 yrs.

3.) Text your siblings one long, lengthy, never-ending message about yourself for an hour.

4.) Play "guess what I'm writing-back-tickle" (trick) game.

5.) Stand at the window and practice Morris code with a flash light to people going by.

6.) Naked yoga. On the front lawn (or stoop). Write: "REAL light comes from within" on your chest.

7.) Sing "Alice the camel had 10 humps" or "999 bottles of beer" or the Freddie Kruger song.

8.) Go to some one's house who is NOT observing Earth hour and play Rock band.

9.) Play "just the tip" game in the dark with random friends and warm butter.

10.) Go get in your SUV and play "Love Train" as loud as you can before the cops come.

Eh. Not too shabby. Make it work, be good. Be safe. Be Earthy. I am.

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