Sunday, March 30, 2008

March Madness indeed: Calipari, Curry and Shirley Mclaine.

Let's imagine the world was "right" in my mind. Calipari and Memphis win the NCAA championship game by beating UNC. Davidson's sweety clutch shooter-Stephan Curry would have been the one to take the 3-point shot in the final seconds of the Kansas-Davidson game tonight to put them in the final four, and Shirely Mclain (along with Angie Jolie and MK) would have been picked up by aliens during Larry King Live, allaying the alien naysayers and I would be living in a state of pure contentment and calm bliss.

Ahhh....oh well. Let's talk readers. First thing I need to say is "YEAH MEMPHIS!" Don't get me wrong, I love a good longhorn, but last time Coach John Calipari ( from the Pittsburgh area) made it to the final four as a head coach it was 1996. We were foolishly bouncing around to "Macarena", softly singing to Alanis Morrisette's "Ironic" and stomping around to "No Diggity". It was Atlanta, I was there, and Calipari was 37. Wow? (for reference Stephan Curry was 8.) I was talking to a friend of mine who played for UMASS that year, and when I told him I had Memphis in the final game, his reply was: "You might be the only one."

Sad really...Most people just see a team full of talent lead by a coach infamous for recruiting impeccable athletes only to stay on for a year or two and draft off to the NBA. All judgements from people outside the scope of his courts and training rooms aside, why were people doubting a team going into the elite 8 with a 35-1 record? History was made, this is the first time all 4 final four teams are number 1 seeds. (sardonic index-finger twirl with accompanying "whoopee.")I could ramble on about how UT tried the 2-3 zone and Calipari readjusted, how I wanted to throw a clipboard at Rick Barnes for pushing the hack-a-shaq to the final 20 seconds facing an unsurmountable lead... but chances are, you don't care. I don't get it. So lets talk about DAVIDSON!

1. Stephan Curry's mother is hot. (Sonya Curry, former volleyball player at Virginia Tech.)

2. Stephan Curry makes even the most apathetic basketball watchers get interested. He has heart, talent and incredible patience.

3. Did anyone else say: "Sasha-Kahn, Sasha-Kahn, Sa-sa-sa-ha Kahn"? ( every time Sasha Khan came on screen) Just me?

And lastly, what the hoo-hoo is Shirely Mclain talking about? I love her, I actually BELIEVE her. Either those pictures are spectacular uses of video editing, photo shop and CGI or some government has some pretty spunky technology we don't know about. I want to see Anderson Cooper and Erica talk about aliens. Coops could make a joke, Erica will giggle and wiggle and the world as I know it, could be set right again.

I am the queen of non-linear blogs and ill-matched material. I am fully accountable and unapologetic. It's me. I don't claim to be anything more than mildly entertaining on a good day. So,get out there Monday morning and use your wittiest verbs (manhandled, obliterated..etc), most cliched adjectives(work-horse,cream-machine), and best analogies to describe the likes of Derick Rose, Stephan Curry and....(wait for it)...

Sasha-Kahn. Sasha-Kahn. Sa-Sa-Sasha Kahn. No diggity. No doubt...

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