Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where'd my show go?

Signs from the set that your favorite TV show might not be coming back (ever):

1) Lead actor is now being played by Tom from Accounting Services

2) Crucial scene on a shipwrecked boat, with thunderous sound effects supplied by rattling aluminum sheet metal (a'la "my quarter life" cast)

3) Singing competition now sponsored by (and featuring) Cold Stone Creamery employees.

4) Shot in Fisher-Price Pixelvision.

5) Actors actually take bathroom breaks in the show.

6) The Fed Ex courier just "discovered", and triple charactered as the new diabolical villain/ compassionate kids counselor at local homeless shelter/ UPS Guy-"What Can Brown do for you?"

7) Love triangle now scripted down to just one character's search for Nintendo Wii

8.) The "refreshment cart" is no longer a cart, but rather a musty-smelling tray of half opened gift baskets from past Jewish holidays.

9.) Wardrobe is being described as BYO.

10.) The "b-story" has been rewritten to make sense of all (4) characters on the show now carrying Coke Zero's while wearing GMC mesh hats and saying "Google" every 32.1 seconds.

Oh....It's good to be home. I see Kathy Lee is back, men are pregnant, and Carly did Dolly.

What's on tonight?!

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