Friday, April 4, 2008

"Shine a Light" Movie: Rolling Stones and Scorsese opens today!

Ahhh....Today is April 4th and what better way to dive into the weekend than with the elusive Mick Jagger rockumentary shot by director Martin Scorsese? I have been a Rolling Stones fan since I can logically remember. I will love just about anything if you put it to a Stones' song. Ending fade away of the pilot episode of Californication with "Cant always get what you want." A nerdy kiss in high-school to the tune of "Wild Horses". I fell in love...I'm just saying, the longevity and the beauty in their music sparks a memory or emotion with just about anyone.

Who doesn't want a backstage viewing of this band? I am gobsmacked at the mere site of Keith Richards. David Edelstein had a pretty incredible description of him in NEW YORK Magazine:

"Keith Richards's survival is a persistent source of wonder:Rock history is full of people who tried to keep pace with him, drug-wise, and did not survive-Brian Jones among them. yet here he stands, looking like Freddy Kruger's gypsy grandmother but alive and ridiculously happy"

Maybe you don't consider yourself a huge Rolling Stones fan ( I wont hold it against you, even though its the first sign we wouldn't get along). However, if you are a fan of creativity and the fantastic meeting of egos, minds and music to put on a show, you might dig it. If you are even slighty entertained by the bizarrely idiosyncratic, perhaps even spastic, behavior of a front man such as Mick Jagger, then you must see it.

"Am I hard enough? Am I tough enough?"....This, from a man that looks like he would blow away if I sneeze on him, yet you believe it. I believe it and we say unequivocally: "Yes."

Go see it.

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