Saturday, April 5, 2008

Oh Depeche Mode - I want somebody...wait, no really.

I warn you in advance, this might get messy. This post will serve as at least one good bullet point in a long list of why blogging is a better outlet for drunk writing than an ex-boyfriends/or girlfriends cellphone number or email.

This is such a little silly little musical ride down memory lane (aka: Tarut road). Firstly, I LOVE YouTube. Where else can I look for Depeche Mode: "I want somebody"..and find the authentic video? and B.) (just kidding, Im not really drunk) The heart-beat sounds and the hair on Martin Gore bring me back. Way back.

Perhaps this was a signal that I wasn't quite normal for my age. I was 9. I would play this song (along with my sister, who had similar hair to Martin at the time) over and over. I believe, in fact, it is THIS song, its lyrics, and my fervor for playing it for three months straight all day, every day that have led to my romantic and relationship demise for the many years to come.
"I don't want to be tied to any one's strings/I'm carefully trying to steer clear of those things."

Right.Where were we? In Saudi Arabia, on the second floor of a stucco house that looked just like everybody else's house on the compound. Both of us singing with the kind of longing to be taken seriously that only tween and teen girls know. We drank Fanta or Rani, we ogled our own breasts for hours in the mirror, wondering when our time would come.... to be loved like this song requests. I am a big believer that everyone has that ONE song that changed the way ( right or wrong) that they would see and aspire to love. This was mine. I hadn't been on this earth a decade.

Perhaps you have a different memory of this song, or not at all. It was the mid-80's. Maybe you were watching Terms of Endearment (one of my all time favorites), or you were trying crack in its debut year? Who knows...hope not. It's whack. Or worse...maybe Band aid's "Do they know it's Christmas?" was your favorite!? Whatever you were doing, somewhere, that year, at either 9 or maybe a more appropriate age, you were hoping to love somebody. Somebody like this song creates.

"Someone who will help me see things in a different light/all the things I detest, I will almost like"

Awe. Godspeed if you did...Good luck if you still want...( I mean it.)Get out there and break into this song next time you see someone you want. See what happens.

Also...a moment of silence for our bangs, the carefully crafted and curled, hair-follicle explosion of creativity that strived to never go unnoticed.

Thank you, and good night. No more wine or cactus pear martinis for me.

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