Sunday, April 6, 2008

AUTISM: The Musical on HBO. Don't miss it!

AUTISM: The Musical is a profoundly engaging documentary following families with children on the Autism spectrum as they prepare for a musical. (They are actually part of the conceptualizing and writing process).As a mother, it both breaks my heart and puffs it up to watch and learn how incredible these children and their parents are. The lens with which the movie shows you the intimate lives of several of the families allows for an honest look at what has too often been a taboo.

I am no expert, I have no psychology degree, I don't even have a school-aged child yet. (she is two) I am absolutely certain someone, somewhere else could describe it all more clinically, from a broader perspective and a deeper general knowledge of the subject matter; but this is how I saw it, this is how it made me feel...

Each of the kids have their own personal challenges, for some it is groups, or articulating original thought in verbal words. In one of the more emotional scenes for me, a young boy self-assess by saying: "Why do I go into my own world? I, I sometimes need friends, friends that can't be mean..." There is an inner conflict of rational self-awareness where he seems to question himself as an outsider and a human kindness that encourages him to be accepting. It was stunning.

Another point in the movie one of the mothers goes into a rightful rant about how she can't make people VALUE her daughter. She says:

"Until these humans are valued, nobody's going to find a cure, nobody's going to take the chemicals out of the vaccines, nobody's gonna make the school system follow the law, nobody's going to make the doctor's follow the law, nobodys going to give us insurance....I can't make them value her."

( um...this was one of the heartbreak moments..)

I felt so compelled to watch the entire thing. Hell, I have watched it three times since it premiered on HBO. I can't NOT watch it when I pass it on the guide. I suggest you don't either. Unfortunately, I think Autism is one of those things people don't really pay attention to unless it falls within a decent degree of separation. That is a shame.

I have a healthy, fully functioning child (I'm sure I didn't say that properly) and I feel nothing but compassion and genuine interest in this. If you have a child, plan on having a child, have a heart beat or breathe air, see the movie, fall in love with these kids and learn that each have an incredibly unique take at it all. It's as if they each absorb the world through different mediums, in different languages and each has his or her own beauty generator. The outcome is an interpretation that they understand and we need to learn, if we would take the time.

It is human, it is real, and it is affecting people ( 1:150). Again, I am no expert. I have no ties to either the movie or the organization. As a mother, as a friend to other mothers, as a human moved beyond description by a 2 hour documentary about kids I will never know, I think in the very least, I can help spread awareness.

Click here to learn more about Autism at Autism Speaks
To learn more about the movie AUTISM:The Musical:
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Per usual...I just threw a curve ball. Especially if you got here by recent searches of "Neon nut-thong" or "Anderson mounts Erica". A blog about sex, music, mistakes and all kinds of TV triviality brings you this. I may be a bit nutty, but my heart has to send this sentimental ping of love and help out in the only way I know how. Least we forget, I am infamous for poor timing, irony and ill-matched topics. It is what brings you back.

You never know what you're gonna get. Tonight you get love and Autism. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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