Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Bromance" vs. Romance. Woody and Owen.

I have had a sinking suspicion for years now. Take a look at Hollywood (not the best study on reality, but it's a perfect example), More and more men are choosing to have bromances as one of their top relationships. Still dating, still maybe even loving women or other men, but spending alarming amounts of time together.

(photo: Getty Images)

Case in point: Woody Harrelson was recently shot in the buff (and what a nice buff it is) in Miami with his buddy, and a love of mine, Owen Wilson. They vacation together, they go to events, they skinny dip!

The number of men staying single past the age of 35 is increasing at exponential rates (who knows..sounds right.)It seems like men have found a collaborative acceptance in bagging the said "stigma" of being older and single. Why not? I won't begin to even speculate on the possible social, environmental, and situational causes like women with big careers that are deferring family life "one more year" or the discouraging divorce rates. Instead, I will come up with unfounded guesses of my own.

Reasons "Bromances" TRUMP Romances:

1. No more than 2 minutes necessary on the phone. Example: "Fishing? Sure...10 minutes, I'll get beer."

2. Deciding to live together is more an exercise of frugal synergies, and fun instead of a life sentence. Laundry mix ups mean extra wardrobe.

3. Dogs over catty. Men have an incredible capacity for forgiveness, or was it forget fullness? Man flakes on a man, who cares. Man flakes on his girlfriend, sex is rationed, and some sordid mind-game punishment ensues.

4. Telepathy not required. There is rarely a man that says to another: "That isn't what I meant? You just don't get me it all." It's simple. It's to the point when in bro-speak. "Are you mad at me bro?" / "No, I just need to _(insert verb here: "shit", "sleep", "get laid"). Very clear. The only thing getting misplaced here are keys, condoms, or cell phones.

4a. A man would never say to another man: "Do I look fat in this?" He would just look fat in it.

5. Worst case scneario: the break up consists of splitting season tickets at Wrigley Field, and mild awkwardness at his bachlor party.That's far better than mutal assets divison and awkward partial holiday and weekend visits to see your child's step dad has a bigger, better car/house/hairline...etc.


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