Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lifehouse at HOB in Chicago on St. Paddys Day.

Typical Saturday night for me. (lame) It started with me making chicken for my daughter, watching a little bit of Bee Movie, and then random TV. I am a geek that lands on WTTW (pbs) late at night, and tonight I struck gold. A couple things:

1. I have a huge crush on Jason Wade, who is younger than me, and went through a weird "Hanson-looking" phase in 2001, but nonetheless hot and well-equipped with a rusty, scratchy soothing voice.He even looks good in skinny BLACK jeans... Black!

2. When they closed the show (on sound stage) with "Broken". My heart melted. It's the kind of song that actually made me WISH I had some unresolved pain and ache to process through this song. Seriously? When does that happen? That you love a song so much you which you had accompanying hurt!? I have to say it feels good to NOT be crying, or angry. But damn, I wish I would have discovered this song at an earlier stage. Oh well. Its not all lost on me.

3. I am a complete cheese ball for this. I know, I stake my claim of it. I am the age-inappropriate 30-yr old tripping teens to get to the front, to sway and eye-sparkle like the rest of the hypnotized goon-girls. Let the music gurus that like to point out my "amateurness" hammer away at their keyboards and email me death threats for not knowing "true musicality" or having loved Vampire Weekend before SPIN had them as the cover.. Judge away. I like these guys (and Vampire Weekend). I do. Deal.

I have decided that my future-second husband will be a weepy, dark and forlorn guitarist singer-songwriter. (what? It won't happen, just saying...I need to be specific) I literally freeze in time at the spectacle of a man actually dealing with, and articulating emotions. I have seen it before, but add six strings, a whammy, and a little drum brush...and I am all wobbly and wiggly inside.

Umm...How have I never had a song written for me? So I will pretend:

"I am damaged at best/ like you've already figured out/I'm falling apart/barely breathing/with a broken heart/that's still beating/in the pain there is healing/in your name/ I find meaning"

Get into the "A-list" Jason, and you qualify for the Bed em' game. Let's do this!

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