Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol Top 7 - 4.15.08

Oh Mimi....in a perfectly timed marketing and publicity blitz of E=MC2, tonight is going to be Mariah Carey night. (shoulder shrug). I guess it's better than the second night of Beatles or Dolly Parton night. Michael Johns is no longer with us ( big mistake America).

So, since I am feeling under the weather, and the chances of me making you laugh are minimal to nil, I will sum this up wizard. (what? Juno out on DVD today?) The boys brought it home tonight. The girls each sang a song. (blah, blah). Sadly, Kristy Lee Cook sang hers best out of the girls. My favorite, Brooke White did what she does...panicked and self-doubted thereby losing focus on her earthy, warm-toned voice, and more on her trembles. Now, the boys....

David Archuleta nailed his song "When you believe". He sang well, he wore leather tapered pants? Yikes.

David Cook took the "Forever be my baby" held it in a double chicken wing, broke it into pieces than infused it with creativity and balls and gave it wings to fly. (What is the quota on silly-same analogy references?) Seriously. He took this 90's female-dorm room single and gave it some hair to stand on end with chills. I loved it. I also want his cosmetologist or his makeup artist. That is some clear skin.

Jason Castro sang " I don't want to cry" was Cuban(y) and sexy. Nothing insanely talented, but he just has a sound that makes him unique. He also has pointy shoes.

Who'd a thunk it? Boys blew Mariah Carey night out of the saline implant! Nice.

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poopsy said...

Oh the pointy shoes thing made me laugh. I said the same thing to my husband last night. Along the lines of "what's with the white pointy shoes?" To which my husband replied..."like elf shoes?" And I said "yeah, the weirdest part is the bells on the tips..."