Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Got five bucks? Tegan and Sara live sessions EP

Well happy hump day. I was bouncing around in my morning routine to a little shimmy-worthy song or two. "I just want back in your head - LIVE" by Tegan and Sara. Not sure what it is exactly that makes me perky about the song. It's quite desperate, but it has an interestingly upbeat sound. I love the surprise of pleasantly being getting something different than what you might expect. This little EP did just that. And, of course (wait for it) it has nice harmony. My musical weakness. In fact, I might go buy myself one of those egg-shaky maracas today. At any point through out my day if someone says or does something I don't like/or care about, I will start playing it.

Who doesn't want back in some one's head? Sure it's a little whiny, but it moves me. I don't ask for too much more in music.

The Live sessions came out as an iTunes exclusive April 28th. Songs include:
"The Con,"
"Back In Your Head"
"Burn Your Live Down"
And from JEALOUS:
"Where Does The Good Go?"

I. just.want. back. in. your.head....Awe. How about I just want back in your bed? No. Or, I just want my Rolling stones albums back. Or I just want to back out of my head?

Here is to a sunny, cheery last day in April. To answer the ladies' question:I think the good goes where you let it, if you stay open and willing to allow it. Get ready friends and hookers, I am in the type of mood that could mediate nothing but happy-willing thoughts of positive intentions, neuro-peptides and maybe I'll even throw an O somewhere.

Look out.

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