Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

There are several things to be happy about today...The Pennsylvania primary, the sun has been out and the weather is over 70 degrees in Chicago, I saw full-frontal penis in a movie theatre (and will never watch "How I met your mother" the same way again), and it is EARTH DAY!

Is it an overly commercialized and whored-out idea now? Maybe. Is it a sensational new retail market preying on our guilt of gross-negligence? Ah-huh. Is it frustrating to witness our consumerism-centric world of Eco-friendly bags, and t-shirts and green-gimmicks all while being uber-cool? Sure. But anything that makes people a little more aware of our huge foot-print(I love this term) on the earth is helping. I know as a mom, I struggle to find safe, healthy, green toys. I found this site and LOVE IT!

Green Toys

...Banana farms, Ant farms, solar panel frog toys, little eggs that hatch plants, wooden toys, organic cotton stuffed animals....It's innovative!

I was reading some articles from other moms in the area, some are pretty wise in saying that supporting earth day means NOT buying things, NOT getting more stuff, and consuming. Message received, point-taken. One quotes an old adage: "use it up, wear it out; make it do, or do without." in her article: "All I want for earth day is...nothing.".

I get that.I do. But, for the general masses who do still care about the planet, and the ice-caps and the general well-being of our future, but aren't ready to go Vegan and stop consuming anything but local farmer's market food, I think its great to at least make earth-conscious purchases. It's a start. (I think)

For the record. I didn't eat anything today, I shared a shower, and I meditated for world peace, love and serenity for all of you.

Happy Earth day.

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