Thursday, April 17, 2008

Erica Hill and Anderson Cooper keepin' it sexy.

It has been way too long. I have hoping to see some sparks. They were luke-warm in tandem, but smoking hot individually. Yes, there are more important things to talk about, and I do talk about them, but I still love to watch Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill smirk and smile during AC 360.

First off, Erica Hill looks ravishing in her flirty frosty minty green. Seriously, the woman must be ovulating to glow like that. Look at this beauty.

Secondly, her trad mark eyebrow raise was in full upward motion, followed by Anderson's quiet non-comment silence after she said: "It accidentally shot off". ( speaking about a gun in the cockpit) I LOVE IT. Tisk Tisk....I know. Erica talks about gas. Anderson speaks faster than a Vegas pole-dancer gyrates to Madonna and JT's new song and "Whaaa waaa waaaa..." is on its way out.

Below they both make some inane remarks about a Zebra, but I can't take my eyes off of AC's perfectly blue-steal eyes. The two of them even make the same faces. Look a chin, cheek and lip placement. It's like a restrained smile. The kind you have when you have a secret. (I know..I'm totally grabbing at straws. It's fun though.)

What I think Erica wanted to say: "Anderson, I know that you were purchased for $20,000 at a charity event and Alec Baldwin only pulled $4,500, but I would kiss your perfect pink lips a thousand times over for FREE, and I want to mess up your hair, and pull on your ears and wrap you in cellophane and sing you a lullaby" (just guessing.)

Oh! and I have extreme pride and total adoration for Anderson for NOT succumbing to sunless tanner. He remains a healthy, baby-skin perfect, NATURAL skin color. Hooray for secure middle-aged MEN!!!!

Ahhhhhhhh...Right now, my world is close to perfect. In this moment, I am still warm from the 76 degree day, Anderson Cooper and Erica Hill threw pheromones, tomorrow is Friday, Jim faked out Pam (and me) on a marriage proposal and I don't have a fever anymore. I love you, world.

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Anonymous said...

I love them!!!!
They have had soo many cute moments. Did you see the other day when Erica was like (about the gater in the backseat), "Yeah, that's how I ride."
LoL and then Anderson was in the middle of his sentence, when he looked toward Erica and started laughing and making fun of her comment. Also, Erica did a little surprise for him by getting the 360 crew to dance and she even bought him purple spandex workout outfit, with a headband! The look on Anderson's face was priceless!

Ohh and one of my favorites was when Erica was doing the News Bulletin and she talks about the French first lady posing nude. Anderson was like, "Well if you have naked pictures of yourself, they are going to end up on the internet." Then Erica responded by saying, "I don't have any naked pictures," and she went on to say that they wouldn't be as good as that French woman's.
Anderson had this nervous laugh after that comment and was like, "umm yea I'm just going to move on." He probably had a nice little image of Erica in his head.

Anonymous said...

Is Erica mix, black or something; I wonder....