Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hormonal imbalance leads to kiss attack.

Boundaries have always been a debatable issue with me. I blog. (hint #1). My two year old and I were showering at the gym and she commanded: "Wiggle mommy, you're naked!" and I obeyed (hint #2)....only to have her say: "Ok-ay. Don't wiggle. It's not nice, momma." Ouch. So it goes with the moment-to-moment commentary of a toddler's honesty.

I will give it up. I am hormonal today. ( perhaps why I sniffled at the sneak-ads for Idol Gives back show). Maybe I am needing some affection, maybe it's a mother's instinct, maybe I'm emotional because Anderson Cooper got voted 3rd on's "power 50", but today as my daughter was waking up from her nap...I couldn't help myself. I wanted to make out with her. Yep. That's what I said. Guffaw, go ahead.

"Make out" is a term I'm using loosely. It just happens to be the only way to describe what grandmas all over the world mean when they say: "I could just eat you up." Seriously. She was so cozy, so cute, so bright-eyed and pure-hearted. She smells like strawberries, Ritz crackers and a tinge of outside-sweaty-boy. I inhaled deeply and filled with smother-mother love. I wanted to grab the back of her neck and kiss her silly. I did (appropriately, I may add) and she squirmed and giggled every minute of it. How could you not?!

I'm not complaining, this kind of hormonal influx could mean tears, tantrums, or even (and believe it or not-I have been known to do it) fight-baiting. An involuntary kiss-attack on a little girl I made, and spend every day of my life loving, ain't a bad outlet.

Love, kisses, toddler cheeks and happiness. Its days like this that make me so grateful I have her, and at peace that she has no questions, not even a lilliputain doubt about the multitude of love and value she has.

**cue the AIDS babies and African orphans on tonight's American IDOL show...hugging stars, and swatting at flies**

I'm bracing for a weepy (and quite possibly expensive) evening. Go spread some love!

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Cate said...

She's adorable. I totally hear you - many days I'm compelled to smother my five-year-old son with embarassing Mom kisses ;)