Friday, April 25, 2008

If you're happy and you know it...

You would think I'd be a little disappointed that the TV last night was a little soft. Grey's Anatomy was hugely entertaining, but they still repeat everything?! Why do they do that? Anderson Cooper wasn't on 360, and I am starting to believe the theories that he is going to take over Katie Couric's spot and Cambel will replace him. "Brown Hill 360". Sounds a bit like a description of my arse when I was pregnant.

Wow...It's a bit uncanny how much I look like those monkeys when you see us side by side. Hm?

Any who. I love how life has the strangest way of presenting carved out pathways if you choose to look. I have trouble with trust. So much so, I often don't even trust my own feelings, but lately, there is no denying my happiness. I am clear-headed, open-ended and full of possibility. Maybe it's Spring. Maybe its because I finally noticed the large grey cloud looming, and simply stepped out from under it.

I don't fool myself into thinking I have "it" figured out. I have noticed that "it" is a fluid concept, and by staying fluid myself, and evolving with the changing times, the process is substantially more enjoyable. Now, of course, that wont apply when "it" happens to be a death in the family or sickness, or job loss, but I believe we can define a moment or challenge in life by the lessons or self-discovery found in the journey. ( cue the unison "pft").

Things to be happy about today: ( just to get you started)

- The smell of fresh spring rain on concrete.

- Tulips and Daffodils.

- Changing out closets and re-discovering how good it feels to wear open-toed shoes.

- The following lyrics: "You and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals, so let's do it like they do it on the dis-cov-ery channel."

- Outside concert series are about to begin.

-Random smiles from strangers on the street because we are all glowing in the prospects of new chances, and the beginning of May.

-Greenness (theoretical, environmental, and visually on the trees!)

-Plums and Tangerines

-Getting old fashioned hand written letters/notes/cards. Go send one. It will make some one's day!

So, roll your eyes. I don't mind. I am happy. I suspect you might be getting happier by the day too. Walk a little slower because you can. Love a little more frisky because giddy feels good.

Go on...fight it, spite it, poke it with a stick, but I warn you: Big smiles are ahead of you. You will start this Friday with a light glow that will beam brighter as the weekend approachs. Not to mention, one of the two annoying songs referenced in this post will be in your head all day. Enjoy. My gift to you. and me baby...ain't nothing but mammals....clap your hands!! If you're happy and you know it...

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