Sunday, May 4, 2008

10 ways to tap into your inner child this spring.

Today is the kind of day where every inhale of fresh air feels like a white light of cleansing breathe that flows all the way through your body. I laid in a Huckleberry Finn fashion-arms behind head, barefoot with my knees to the blue sky. The "mini" followed suit. We lay there together watching the breeze blow through the trees. Flower petals sway-dancing to the ground. The contrast of bright blue and green. The swishing aliveness of it all. I have had Robert Plant and Alison Krauss's "Killing the blues" stuck in my head all day....and that's fine. It worked. I would have prefered Fleetwood Mac on a day like this, but so it goes.

It is hard to slow down, but it is essential. On a day like this, I couldn't imagine working at anything else. 10 things I suggest you try to do this spring to feel youthful and carefree:

1.) Lay on the ground. (yep) Resign that your dirty hair, clothes and feet will survive it. They will.

2.) Watch some clouds move slowly, and feel the scope of it all. So small in it all.

3.) Kiss someone lightly, bashfully and with pure intent to express the innocence of "like".

4.) Forgive that person now. Forgive with wild abandon because not doing so, does nothing for you.

5.) Focus on the little delights, and appreciate them.

6.) Take a walk for no reason, to no place.

7.) Dance with a child. Learn from their inhibitions. They spit, and fall, and look goofy, and really? Why not? Who cares.

8.) Be grateful.

9.) Get on a swing, lean back, and close your eyes into the sun. Feel the warmness of sunshine splash over your face.

10.) Love with your whole heart and trust your instincts. Some of the worst in us comes through only when we doubt or ignore what we knows is true.
Lazy days and Sundays....the richness in the little things.

"Somebody said they saw me swinging the world by a tail/bouncing over a white cloud/killing the blues..."

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