Sunday, May 11, 2008

"HELLO" Tristan Prettyman! Lyrics and love.

I fell for Tristan Prettyman last year in one of my random Myspace finds...I had "You got Me" on my page for months, but today I downloaded the entire album: "HELLO". She's sultry, naughty nice.

She has her own sound, but it is perfectly formulated to fit in with any fans of Ani Defranco, Fiona Apple, or even a few old fans of Patti Griffin. Lyrically, she hits to bone. I'm also dance-walking to Jason Mraz's "I'm yours". Judge me for jumping mainstream this summer. I guess it's better than listening to the radio drenched dribble of "R&B" songs about strippers and booty. Pop-folk sell out can be my new title. I don't care. I love it....for now.

"Hello", the album title song has the Indy folksy ride of a long drive into infatuation. I have the suspicious feeling she fell in love during this album. might too.

"Handshake" first off, makes me bounce and head-bop. That's before the lyrics undulate in the air like a cartoon stream permeating my ears and chest. I can't help it, my hips start to sway. This song is sexier than you think. Listen up:

"And hey boy, how come you feel this way /For a little longer I will try to make you stay/ Don't wanna make this hard /But I'm so wound up I might fall apart /You know girls go wild for your east coast style /Happens more than once in a while /Think I know just where you're coming from /Up against the wall with my clothes all coming undone." ..and I'm spent.

"You got me" is sweet and sends me to a warm wind blowing on a tire-swing with my heart wrapped in new love.

"Madly" is the popular song (at least on itunes). It's not my favorite, but what do I know. There is a fun little clapping sequence. Who knows...why not?

Check it out yourself. Hello....Ms. Prettyman.

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