Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hope and love beams for no reason, or too many?

If you open up the Huff-Po today the headline is : "Angry Earth" followed by pictures of the natural demolition that is Earthquakes, Cyclones, and death tolls. The Economy is...well, who the heck knows. Oil, commodities, dead kittens, Indian protesters, war, fear...It could seem bleak.

Angelina Jolie is having twin girls. Watch out Olsen's your time-clock is ticking in 24HRS-type drama. Eva, Eva, Eva....what were you thinking. Really? Someone said it would look sexy if you were topless having your tata's massaged by feet? Eeeeesh. Those silly Italians can convince a girl to do anything....Je connais, Je connais, Laissaiz-la tranquille, mais, merde sacre! (note: I don't speak Italian, but French is close enough) Regarder: Oh Eva...

So..now that I feel a little sad for the earth, thousands of Burmese and Chinese mourning families, the nannies for Jolie-Pitt and Eva's self-esteem...I am sending out a zingy beam of love and hope to all of you readers. I cleanse you or the hatred, and residue of ugliness that is pervading us on a daily basis with the onslaught of raunchy and circumstance.

Instead, I will focus all my harmony and happiness and bright, white-hot-light of inexplicable positivity to you and yours and perhaps, maybe if you are open to it, you will walk a little lighter, smile a little brighter, hold close and then release your own good intentions and we can create some kind of a bouncing sparkly beam of light and love. Or...we just go about our days half-minded and rushing through the motions...you choose. I'm skipping today.

Wiggle wiggle, Russian-squat jump circle, arms-open spin, crazy fouettes, snap-snap, shimmy, shimmy, jumping jack, kiss-blow.

... You have been love beamed!

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