Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Hey Ya" cover by Matt Weddle

HEY YA? I love it. Matt Weddle from Obadiah Parker. This song hit the radio last year, about this time. I remember hearing it on 99.9 in Chicago. I was a fan of the original, who couldn't laugh and gesture at "shake it like a Polaroid picture"?

But then, to hear it played out in acoustic....that makes it. The entire song works like this. I picture college kids around campfires. Hair blowing in the face of the pretty girl while her eyes glisten in the crackling ember. But whatever works for you. Maybe you hate it. That's fine too. Blog about it.

I know, I'm a mush tonight. Lots of change. I thought to myself:

"Self? What would it take to be in a good mood? Crazy monkey sex? A chocolate chip break-n-bake drizzle cookie? No! You need to hear a commercialized hip-hop pop song cover by a shaggy hairy dude."

So, I came home, found the song and it delivered like a Doula on Adarol. Let's sing it together.

I will shake it... Oh, I will shake it.

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