Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Lulu's Tuesday roundup: Stephen Colbert and Feist.

It was a love fest for me last monday. Stephen Colbert announced Feist (playing "I feel it all" acoustically) in her blue unitard from the "1,2,3,4" video. I love him. I do. Dead-pan delivery and situational irony never felt so sweet.

One of my favorite songs from the Album: The Reminder.

Today is turning out to be an interesting Tuesday. We'll see who played better on the gas prices and economic turmoil in the primary for Indiana and North Carolina . Yahoo might make a move with Yang. American Idol is sure to mildy disappoint (here's hoping I'm wrong) and somewhere, someone in the news media is going to tastefully cover the cyclone in Myanmar ( Burma) that has taken over 22 thousand lives....I can hear the R.E.M song playing now.

On a happier shade of melancholy...

"The wings are wide, the wings are wide. Wild card inside. Wild card inside...." - Feist.

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